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Gift Card for Towns
Our gift card platform enables a town/city or BID to establish a consumer gift card programme, helping to lock in additional spend.
The prepaid Mastercard provides a new, simple way for local people to buy a gift for friends, family and colleagues.
Recipients of the cards can then spend their cards at a network of local businesses including restaurants, cafes, shops, salons, attractions, leisure and entertainment businesses.

Measurable benefits - Provides a product to sell on behalf of local businesses with measurable benefits. Use your existing communications to promote and sell the new gift card.

Increased spend - Drives additional spend to business communities by locking in spend locally and providing an alternative to gift cards such as Amazon, Google and Apple.

Insight - Provides data and insight into consumers’ spending behaviour. It’s the equivalent of giving away money and being able to track where it’s redeemed. 

Simple set-up - No contracts are required with participating business, so the programme is easy to implement. Registering a business as part of the redemption network takes minutes.

The 4 Step Set up Process
"It helps to link the town and emphasises that we’re all part of the community"

It helps to link the town and emphasises that we’re all part of the community. And our customers will have more choice as they can use the Kendal Card in multiple businesses. It’s a much more succinct customer offering. We like the fact that we know more money is now being spent in the town.

Dan Morley,Manager of Beals Department Store, Kendal
Gift Card Management Platform

The gift card management platform provided by our programme partner Presend provides everything you need to run your own Mastercard-based programme enabling you to load cards, track sales and view where people are spending their money.

The e-commerce website enables you to sell gift cards, offer multiple delivery options including “click and collect” and manage online fulfilment.

Costs for the programme are broken down into a one-off set-up fee, annual licences and transactional costs. The size of the target audience and the number of businesses involved affect the programme costs - contact us for a costed proposal.
"It’s a gateway to a bit of spoiling."

I like buying it because it can be difficult to choose for someone with different tastes. The Perth Card gives access to lots of things including cinema and hopefully the receiver gets something they might not have bought for themselves without it. It’s a gateway to a bit of spoiling.

Linda Thorogood,Perth