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It seemed like a great idea so we got authorisation from our Head Office and signed up. It was so straightforward; it was done in a matter of minutes. The process was so easy

Kristina Nixon, Enniskillen Retail Manager

If people have been given the Cheltenham Gift Card, they’ll spend it in Cheltenham, and that’s money the nationals could lose if they go to another shop instead of your one. So they do really see the value of it

Kevan Blackadder, BID Manager

I think it’s defending the High Street. Some of the other BID projects that we work on, such as our mystery shopper and awards programmes, are about driving up standards in service and making sure that, as a city, we are excelling from a customer service point of view, which obviously impacts on repeat visitors. The Gift Card programme supports that by protecting the High Street and encouraging people to come into the city and enjoy the experience, rather than shopping online

Helen Hames, BID Manager

We now have 112 signed up to the Enniskillen Gift Card. I am delighted with that. Even since Christmas we’ve had a few businesses saying that, although they didn’t sign up to it initially, they’ve seen what it can do and would love to come on board

Noelle McAloon, BID Manager

St Albans has a really great high street offering with a fantastic mix of nationals and independents. Having the Gift Card encourages the recipients to explore our city and perhaps sample a shop, restaurant or bar that they might not have previously gone into. When people have a £25 Gift Card they might actually spend £35 and so it’s likely that there will be an element of overspend for an added benefit to the businesses

Vanessa Sharp, BID Business Liaison Manager

The East Lothian Gift Card is accepted only at independently owned businesses throughout the region, which aligns with the Council’s objective to support independents. To date, 126 businesses have signed up.

Like many councils, East Lothian gives long-service awards each year to staff. Previously, the awards would have been vouchers for department stores, but now they give the Gift Card.

Gemma Slight, Council Business Development

Did Ann find it was easy to get up and running with the InExeter Gift Card? "Super-easy,” she recalls. “Miconex has a really involved and super-helpful team, who are very flexible in responding to emails and questions. Apparently, there is no such thing as a stupid gift card question!

Ann Hunter, BID Manager

I like buying it because it can be difficult to choose for someone with different tastes. The Perth Card gives access to lots of things including cinema and hopefully the receiver gets something they might not have bought for themselves without it. It’s a gateway to a bit of spoiling.

Linda Thorogood

I could see the benefits instantly. The programme adds value to my business, as it provides an additional customer service.

Paul Kinnoch, Owner of multiple businesses

We’ve had an additional £40,000 in spend in the city. Forty businesses out of 70 have had redemption of some sort. Perth & Kinross Council has also signed up to pay their Long Service awards in the Perth Card. That’s been great.

Leigh Brown, City Centre Manager

It helps to link the town and emphasises that we’re all part of the community. And our customers will have more choice as they can use the Kendal Card in multiple businesses. It’s a much more succinct customer offering. We like the fact that we know more money is now being spent in the town.

Dan Morley

Some businesses who had previously been slow to engage with the BID have actually been contacting us because they want to be part of the Gift Card, which then opens the door for further consultation to get them involved in other aspects.

Lisa McLaughlin, BID Manager

"It will really encourage people to shop, eat and socialise in this area. We joined the card programme in December 2016 and found the sign-up process really easy. Our customers are enthusiastic about it too - they like the fact you can shop in lots of different places with the same card and not have to use it all at once."

Margaret McLaughlin, The Hill Bar and Restaurant

Some businesses say, ‘But I’ve got my own gift card,’ and we say, ‘That’s OK! This is actually adding to it.’ We’ve got Boots, Mountain Warehouse, Booths, Beales and Pizza Express to sign up. These businesses have their own gift cards but they’ve realised we’re adding to their customer base rather than taking away

Sarah Williams, BID Manager