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The smart solution for place-centred rewards

Mi Rewards is a revolutionary, place-centred loyalty programme that automatically rewards consumers for spending money at registered businesses.

This innovative, easy-to-use programme encourages consumers to spend more in your town or city and simultaneously generates data and insights that will help you to understand your customers.

Rewarding engaged consumers. Providing new insight through smart data.

Smart Solution

How it works for consumers

Consumers automatically earn Mi Points whenever they spend money using a linked debit or credit card at registered businesses. Once they have enough points, they can be converted into a town/city rewards card, which can be spent at any participating business ...

..it's that simple!

  • Free and easy for consumers, no physical loyalty card or smart phone apps required
  • Simple to set up: create a personal Mi Rewards account online and register chosen debit and credit cards
  • Purchases using these registered payment cards are tracked automatically
  • Earn one point for every £1 spent at any registered business
  • Convert your Mi Points into a town/ city rewards card, which can be spent at any participating local business

Leigh Brown, Perth City Centre Manager, said:

"The Mi Rewards programme offers a straightforward solution for locking in customer spend to our local economy.

It really works for all types of business from retail and transport, to leisure and entertainment, and provides us with insight that will help to improve the way our city works. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

How it works for businesses

There is no need for businesses to create yet another 'exclusive' offer, as consumers earn the same level of Mi Points across all participating businesses. The programme has been designed to be fair, easy and effective for everyone involved.

  • Encourage customers to spend locally by rewarding them every time they spend money
  • Simple, straightforward set-up with a one-time registration
  • No training required, no new hardware, no new processes
  • Once customers have earned their town/city rewards card they can spend it back with your business
  • Automatically contribute spend data to help inform how the town/city is used by consumers

Perth case study

In just six weeks, 50 plus Perth businesses, including gift shops, eating places, salons and health and leisure providers, registered with Mi Rewards.

Alongside this, more than 2,000 customers signed-up and are now earning points every time they spend money in Perth. They also enjoyed half price local activities, queue jumping at seasonal events and two for one on meals out. As a city, Perth can shout about the fact it is rewarding its customers.

The data is already illustrating who the top customers are and is helping to identify groups of customers that have still to be engaged.

A place-centered rewards programme

The programme automatically stimulates more spending - the more the customer spends, the greater the value of reward. And, as participation grows, the programme automatically generates more and more useful data. So you can start to understand how your town/city is used by consumers, and therefore measure the impact of specific events, marketing, planning decisions or other town/city initiatives.

  • Who are your top customers?
  • Who are your lapsed customers?
  • How did the recent marketing campaign perform?
  • What difference has the recent major development project made to spend in different sectors?
  • How do staff from large employers, and residents from satellite towns, use the city?
Top Consumer

Having the ability to measure all this accurately enables you to optimise future marketing activities, plan events and lobby other organisations using data and insights from consumers.

Smart Project

Link to other smart projects

The data generated by Mi Rewards makes it possible for the business community to link with other smart city projects for even greater insight, for example connecting the consumer payment data with WiFi and travel information.

Link to other smart projects

If you'd like to create your own Mi Rewards programme,
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