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BY MICONEX ON 27/08/2019

Webinar - Gift Cards for Towns and Cities - Tuesday 10th Sep

Join us for a short webinar which will provide an overview of how Town and City Gift Card programmes work. 

Find out from Cambridge BID why they worked with Miconex to implement a Mastercard Gift Card programme. How did Cambridge BID manage to get over 200 different businesses involved in the programme within 2 months? 
What have been the successes and challenges to date? 
How do they plan to use this programme to engage consumers and businesses across the city?

About town and city gift cards: 
Shopping local makes you feel good. You are part of a community, you get to know the local business owners and you often find that it can be cheaper than shopping online, plus you don’t have the hassle of trying to collect your parcel or find out where the delivery driver left it!

To be able to gift someone this feel good factor is also an option. Town and City Gift Cards allow you to give someone the gift of exploring their local place. To eat out, shop, have a cocktail, treat themselves to some pampering or a new outfit. 

There are now more than 30 live Mastercard gift cards programmes in all types of towns and cities across the UK including Edinburgh, Sheffield, Cambridge, Enniskillen, Elgin, Bath, East Lothian, Chichester, Exeter, Cardiff and Cheltenham. 

These programmes stimulate additional economic activity and deliver measurable value for businesses. They can also be self-funding.


  • Colin Munro, Miconex CEO - will provide background to place-centred gift card programmes in the UK and a short overview of the programme
  • Helen Hames, Marketing & Commercial Manager for Cambridge BID - will provide an update from the Cambridge Gift Card programme
  • Question and Answers

REGISTER HERE  - https://www.bigmarker.com/miconex/Gift-Card-Webinar-0919