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BY MICONEX ON 06/06/2018

Town/City Gift Cards – fantastic for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is approaching fast, and it’s a great opportunity to promote your town or city’s Gift Card!

Dads can be notoriously hard to buy for, so a Gift Card is the perfect present. No need for your consumers to buy socks or chocs this year – if they give Dad a Gift Card, he can spend it on things like:

  • cinema, theatre or leisure vouchers
  • a meal out with the family
  • drinks on a summer evening from the local pub
  • books or magazines
  • styling products
  • beer, wine or whisky
  • clothing (OK, even socks if he really wants them!).

Basically, the dads will be able to buy whatever your participating retailers and venues are offering, in their own time and over several visits if they want.  Individual shops, bars or restaurants could also be highlighted if they’re doing special Father’s Day deals – it’s a great opportunity for a tie-in with the Gift Card.

So the dads get what they want, the kids know they’ve bought a great gift, and your town or city benefits – everyone’s happy. That’s a great message to get out there!

The team at The Perth Card has used these quirky posts on Facebook and Twitter to promote the card on the run-up to Father’s Day.

The Cheltenham Gift Card are highlighting their huge choice of participating businesses, plus the fact that some local businesses offer discounts for dads (and anyone else!) who pay with a Cheltenham Gift Card.

The Arran Card – the only island gift card – will be promoting their card across social media, while The Sheffield City Centre Gift Card is doing a “Homepage Takeover” on Thursday 7th June on the Sheffield Star website, promoting Father’s Day. They’ll also do a couple of adverts in local magazines and an email to their subscribers encouraging people to buy a Gift Card as a Father’s Day gift.

All simple but effective ways to capture the audience who’s looking for something right now for Dad!


Interested in a Gift Card scheme for your town or city?

If you’d like to find out more about how easy it is to tap into the £5.6-billion gift card market, just call us on 01738 444376 or email us on [email protected].  We’re happy to do a demo for you, too!

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