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BY MICONEX ON 18/03/2020

Support your businesses - Town and City Gift Cards

Miconex are ready, willing and able to help towns and cities across the UK.
At this time it’s more important than ever to have the tools in place to help support our businesses communities.

There are now 40+ town and city gift cards across the UK which help lock in money for businesses, drive footfall and stimulate additional activity. The MasterCard programmes provide local residents and employers with a simple way to show their support for local businesses.

For our clients we have set up new social media channels to help share their posts and increase sales:


All the money spent on these gift cards goes into local businesses so it would be great if you could also help by sharing them.

For any town or city that wants to set up a new gift card programme, we will expedite the setup process, pull out all the stops to get as many programmes up and running as soon as possible. We will also provide an enhanced suite of marketing materials to help you promote the programme. Just get in touch via DM email ([email protected]) or call us on 01738 444 376.