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BY MICONEX ON 26/07/2018

Salisbury launches new Gift Card programme

Salisbury has become the latest UK city to launch a Miconex Gift Card programme. Launched on Monday 11th June, the Salisbury Gift Card allows people in the city to treat family, friends and colleagues to the ultimate local gift.

The Gift Card, which aims to encourage local spending, can be used at a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, salons, entertainment venues, attractions and more.

The list features leading national brands including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Topshop and McDonalds and local names such as JAS Hair Salon, family-owned Pritchetts Butchers, Henderson’s Artisan Bakery, Shirley Snells Florist and Salisbury City Hall.   

An initiative of Salisbury Business Improvement District (BID), with development support from Miconex, the gift card operates in the same way as any branded store gift card and is pre-loaded with spending options from £10 up to £500.  

The gift card can be purchased at The Salisbury Gift Card website, and the BID is offering free delivery for the launch. Alternatively, consumers can purchase directly from the Information Centre (Fish Row) or Salisbury Playhouse (Malthouse Lane).

The team from Miconex visited Salisbury in April to support the BID team, while helping to sign up more than 100 businesses. Shoppers can readily see if a business is taking part as they will have a branded window sticker on display, and The Salisbury Gift Card website shows a full list of participating businesses.

This initiative is about encouraging local people, commuters and visitors to shop in the city and to support our local businesses,” said BID Chief Executive Robin McGowan.

It’s the first ever Salisbury city centre gift card and it’s deliberately intended to encourage more people in and keep more consumer spend in our city in light of recent events. As well as promoting it ourselves, we encourage employers within easy reach of Salisbury to consider offering the card to their workforces as an ideal employee incentive or bonus.”

Other BID cities across the UK, including Cardiff, Glasgow and Sheffield, have also invested in similar gift card schemes which have proven to be a huge success.  

Salisbury BID is funded by more than 500 city centre businesses who pay an annual levy which is invested into projects and services that support economic activity.

Interested in a Miconex Gift Card programme for your town or city?

Our 20-plus programmes across the UK will all be selling gift cards on behalf of their businesses this year, delivering visible value. If you’d like to join them and find out how easy it is to tap into the £5.6-billion gift card market, just call 01738 444376 or email us on [email protected].

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