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BY MICONEX ON 13/11/2019

Rewarding your Employees this Christmas just got more personal

If you are one of the many employers across the UK that provide employee rewards then we have some great news for you. Not only can you reward your employees for their hard work but you can also help to support your local High Street when you join the growing number of employers gifting a local Town and Cities Gift Card to their employees. They are a great choice for long service awards, seasonal bonuses, recognition awards or a festive thank you!

Town and City Gift cards give your employees a real choice when it comes to redeeming their reward. Each programme is bespoke to the local area and features a wide range of businesses where the gift card can be spent from restaurants, leisure operators, cultural venues to their favourite store or beauty parlour. With over 35 programmes running across the UK there is bound to be a programme near you.

Researching where to spend the gift card can help your employees learn more about the place that their business is located and the other great businesses in the area. By supporting your local High Street you create a better place for your employees to live and work, which helps to retain good staff. It also helps provide employments opportunities for the family members of your employees, if the local economy is buoyant. 

So how do you find out if your town or city has a gift card programme? The easiest way to do this is to visit https://www.mi-cnx.com/live-and-planned-gift-card-programme  , where you find all the programmes and be able will find out how to purchase your gift cards. Alternatively contact [email protected] for larger orders.

Show your local High Street some love this Christmas and reward your employees with a gift that will allow them to enjoy the variety of local businesses. Much more engaging than a generic reward. #whereyoushopmatters’ #shoplocal

For more information about town and city gift card programmes please contact [email protected] or call Miconex 01738 444 376


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