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BY MICONEX ON 11/04/2021

Residents encouraged to support their local high street with the Eastleigh Borough Gift Card

Residents in the Borough of Eastleigh are being encouraged to support their local high street through a new gift card scheme.

The Eastleigh Borough Gift Card is now available for residents in the Borough to purchase and is aimed to entice people to spend money locally and help support their high street.

Many businesses across the Borough of Eastleigh have now signed up to be a part of the gift card scheme which is designed to give local shops a boost and to remind people to support businesses in their area. The card is a great way to get people back out visiting the high street again as many non-essential businesses will re-open their doors on Monday 12 April following nationwide restrictions due to the pandemic.

Among the businesses that have already signed up for the gift card are; cafes, restaurants, shops, beauticians and pubs. The scheme is free to join and as long as the company accepts Mastercard payments they can sign up to be a part of the gift card incentive and allow customers to spend money in their establishment.

Data provided by The Gift Card and Voucher Association valued the UK gift card market at £7bn in 2019 and suggested that 65% will be spent on top of the value of the card. The information also showed that 98.6% of gift cards are spent within a year of being received.

Customers can load the card with their chosen amount of money which will be redeemable in any of the retail, leisure and hospitality venues that sign up to the scheme across the Borough.

Colin Munro is the managing director of Miconex and said that the Eastleigh Borough Gift Card will help keep money locked into the area:

“When you spend money online, that money leaves the area but when you spend locally, you’re supporting local businesses, local jobs and local people. The value of every £1 you spend is multiplied several times. Over 80% of people are supporting local businesses more now than before lockdown, and 76% of people have purchased a gift card over the last three years. 

“The Eastleigh Borough Gift Card combines our desire to support local businesses with a multi-venue gift card that is ideal to give as a present, for employers to use for staff incentives and as an easy way to shop locally.”


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