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BY MICONEX ON 24/03/2017

Perhaps we should just give money away?

What can we really do to help businesses in the quieter months of January and February? Winter festivals certainly help and lighting up our town centres help make them feel more inviting on dark cold nights but if people really have no money to spend then this will only make a marginal difference.



So what’s the answer? I know! Give people money to spend in January and February! That would solve the problem – right?

Well I am not sure how many councils or Business Improvement Districts would sign up to such a programme but if they did I am sure it would be very popular with consumers and businesses!

There is another way though, what if we could encourage people to give each other a gift at Christmas that could only be spent in the local community after Christmas.

A local town/city gift card does exactly that and by using the existing Visa infrastructure it is very easy to implement and to run.  In Scandinavia there are multiple towns that sell in excess of £500k of local gift cards every Christmas and the peak time for redemption is…January and February!




Imagine how much the businesses in your town/city/BID would appreciate this very visible spend at that time of year.

Now is the time to find out more about how you can create a local gift card programme for your town/city ahead of Christmas.

Contact [email protected] or call 01738 444376 for a free online demonstration.

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