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BY MICONEX ON 05/10/2018

Miconex appointment will boost Gift Card and Mi Rewards programmes

Miconex is delighted to announce the appointment of Toyubur Rahman, an experienced Place Management professional with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Toyubur will be working part-time for Miconex in a business development role, helping to implement new Gift Card programmes in the south of England.

Toyubur started his career in the retail sector before moving to a Town Centre Management role at Bromley Council. That led to a position at the Association of Town & City Management, where he supported Town Centre Managers by providing them with a wealth of advice, training, workshops and research. One of his key achievements was developing and setting up the now-national Purple Flag programme, an accreditation process and town-improvement scheme that allows the public to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.

Other significant programmes that Toyubur has delivered include the Portas Town Team programme, established in response to the Portas Review which advocated setting up Town Teams across the country. His role involved supporting the teams to implement partnership and good governance, develop sound strategies and carry out successful projects.

More recently, Toyubur successfully set up a Business Improvement District in Bognor Regis, helped to halve business vacancy rates in the town, attracted a host of new investment to the area and staged some innovative events.

Of his new role, Toyubur says, “I’m excited to be involved with Miconex’s Gift Card programme as it’s not a traditional loyalty scheme; it’s a great tool for towns and cities to engage with their consumers and attract more footfall. If you are a resident or visitor who loves the town, it feels powerful to say that you’re ‘giving the gift of the town’ to somebody. Why wouldn’t you give one of these cards that supports local businesses over a generic Amazon or eBay card? It’s also more than likely that the Gift Card recipient will spend more than the value of the card. The business doesn’t have to provide any extra discounts or offers that need to be continually managed and chased up, so it provides much less friction between the consumer and the business, too. The fact that it can be used in bars, clubs, restaurants, salons, as well as everyday shops, makes it a lot more attractive. And the programme operator has the opportunity to generate revenue from it. These are all compelling arguments to have the Miconex Gift Card over a traditional loyalty card scheme.”

Just launched, too, is Mi Rewards, the innovative loyalty programme that rewards shoppers with Gift Cards, offers and random acts of kindness – and doesn’t require a physical card or app. Toyubur believes this is a strong partner to the Gift Card programmes, as “it gives people that extra incentive, an extra opportunity to visit a place, and that’s powerful. And the benefit of Mi Rewards for the consumer is that they don’t need to carry additional plastic. As long as they have their debit and credit card that are registered against the scheme, they’re continually collecting points without realising it or having to do anything extra.”

Colin Munro, Miconex’s Managing Director, adds, “We’re so pleased to have Toyubur on board to support our development of Miconex’s Gift Card programmes in the south of England. His experience, knowledge and skills will be an enormous asset as we continue to grow our family of towns and cities that are reaping the benefits of a new generation of loyalty programme.”

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