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BY MICONEX ON 06/08/2019

Mi Rewards adds Smart Active Travel Points

With the release last week of the new Mi Rewards apps for iPhone and Android you can now take Mi Rewards with you wherever you go.  As you would expect you can check your points total and find new places to earn point but in addition to this we will also automatically reward you when you walk, wheelchair or cycle into Perth City Centre.
And it's so easy to do! 

  • Download the new Mi Rewards app for iPhone or Android.
  • Setup your account or login if you already have one.
  • Activate the mobility settings when prompted.

Then, every time you walk or cycle into Perth City Centre you will earn extra points!

As well as feeling great you will also be helping Perth to become a greener healthier place.  And for that - we want to reward you!

MI Rewards is the smart city loyalty programme that automatically rewards you every time you spend money in Perth & with Stagecoach

  • Simply link your debit/credit card to your Mi Rewards account and earn points every time you visit spend money in a participating business. 
  • Once you have earned enough points we will send you a Gift Card to spend back in town - it's that simple!
  • You will also be automatically eligible for perks and prizes from participating businesses.

So with Mi Rewards you can now automatically earn points when you spend money, catch a bus or walk or cycle into town!

For more information about Mi Rewards: