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BY MICONEX ON 12/06/2018

It’s time we played our ace card...

The alarming news of big High Street names closing across the country has let to a flurry of activity here at Miconex. In particular, the news from House of Fraser means that many towns and cities will lose their main department store and with that one of their key retail draws.

In reality the whole town/city retail offering should be seen as one giant department store, we just need to be better at communicating this.  Towns and cities have always been about much more than shopping alone, they are about community, they are about eating and drinking, culture, leisure, entertainment and shopping.  So there is no need to panic.

I think the reason we have seen a spike in enquiries here at Miconex is that a town/city-wide gift card programme is an ideal way of promoting this incredibly diverse offering.  The Salisbury Gift Card programme (launched this week) is a great example of this with over 100 different businesses from ALL sectors accepting the new prepaid Mastercard.

Every single person that receives the gift card, whether from an employer or from  friends/family will need to research where the card is accepted in order to decide where to spend their gift.  Maybe they will plan a specific trip, find a new business and even buy a gift card for someone else - this is a great way to promote the city as a whole.

The giving of a town/city gift card is the ultimate endorsement of your town/city.  It reinforces what we all know already, that there is much more to any town/city than any individual brand.

Miconex work with towns and cities across the UK to deliver local currencies in the form of Mastercard Gift Card programmes.  For more information please contact Colin Munro at [email protected]


Miconex are also developing a city-wide rewards programme which rewards consumers for shopping in the city and at the same time provides new insight (via payment data) about how the city is being used. This type of data can easily be joined to other data sets to provide powerful new insight, helping place managers to best use available resources to the benefit of all elements of the community.


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