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BY MICONEX ON 06/03/2019

It's all about the customer...


Online marketplace vs physical marketplace:

  1. Online marketplace know who I am, what I look at, what I buy, how frequently and how much.
  2. Physical marketplace (town/city) might know who I am (small %). 35% of Amazon.com’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.

This is done by them understanding their customers (creating a single customer view) and then testing different propositions to see if they drive sales. In a physical marketplace each individual business holds/owns their own data making it very difficult to understand consumer behaviour especially in these changing times.

Using card-linked technology we have started to join up the data across 70+ businesses in a city - see Mi Rewards Article. We are now looking for pathfinder towns and cities that want to start building their own consumer data while at the same time stimulating additional economic activity. 

Contact Colin Munro for more information - [email protected] - 01738 444 376