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BY MICONEX ON 25/06/2018

Gift Cards Make Great Teacher Gifts

As the end of the school year draws near, busy parents are racking their brains to work out what to give their child’s teacher as a thank-you gift. Chocolates or a candle, just like last year? Or, if they’re lucky enough to live in a town or city which has a Gift Card, they can give the teacher the gift of choice! 


If you’re a place manager, this time of year offers a great opportunity to promote your Gift Card programme. With denominations ranging from £10 to £200, the Card can be marketed as a gift from an individual child or a whole-class group.


And not just for teachers. Teaching assistants, Brownie and Cub leaders, music tutors, sports coaches – there are so many people that the parents and kids want to thank.



Borrow an idea



The Perth Gift Card has used a bright, happy photo on Facebook of a teacher with her class to illustrate the idea of a Gift Card as a teacher present. Adding information about the places that sell the Card means that the parents can buy quickly and easily! The Elgin Gift Card has taken to Instagram and Facebook with a cute apple and blackboard, reminding everyone that it’s great to “shop local”.





Interested in a Gift Card programme for your town or city?


Our 20-plus programmes across the UK will all be selling gift cards on behalf of their businesses this year, delivering visible value. If you’d like to join them and find out how easy it is to tap into the £5.6-billion gift card market, just call 01738 444376 or email us on [email protected]


Or head over to the Miconex website, where you’ll find lots of information as well as stories from towns and cities who’ve implemented successful Gift Card programmes. We’re happy to do a demo for you, too!