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BY MICONEX ON 10/12/2019

Eleven New Town and City Gift Card Programmes!

Eleven new town and city gift cards have been launched in time for Christmas.  These new programmes launched by Business Improvement Districts,  Local Authorities and Town Teams are all helping to lock in money for their businesses, drive footfall and stimulate additional economic activity in town centres.  

Thousands of people will be receiving the gift cards on Christmas day and then heading out into town to spend them in January and February when businesses need the support most.  

Over the past few months we have worked with places of all sizes, from the small boutique towns of Malmesbury, Kirkwall and Milngavie to the major cities of Belfast, York, Gloucester and Bournemouth.    What they all have in common is a strong consumer offer - if you live in and around any of the towns and receive a gift card as a present from friends, family or employers, what's not to like?!  You can choose to spend it in the local shops but you can also choose to spend it to pamper yourself, to go out for dinner or for a night at the cinema - that's got to be better than an Amazon gift card!

For more information about each programmes click on the link below:

York, Bournemouth, Milngavie, Malmesbury, Belfast, Causeway Coast and Glens, Harrogate, Kirkwall, Halifax, St Andrews, Gloucester

 For more information about town and city gift cards email Colin Munro at [email protected] or call 01738 444 376

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