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BY MICONEX ON 22/09/2017
The Miconex Gift Card programme enables a town, city or Business Improvement District (BID) to establish a consumer gift card programme, helping to lock in additional spend. The prepaid...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 22/08/2017
The Cheltenham Gift Card has been launched by the Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID), and it is already accepted...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 04/08/2017
Not all the value on gift cards are redeemed - ever wonder what happens to the money that’s left...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 01/08/2017
We are delighted to have been working with Kevan and Belinda at Cheltenham BID over the last week to...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 17/07/2017
We are in the process of delivering our 5th and 6th gift card programmes in the UK for Cheltenham...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 14/06/2017
Free, easy, relevant
Anyone involved in place management knows that one of the hardest thing to do is to get...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 09/05/2017
She’s the owner and mastermind behind the Perth success story that is Murrays Bakers (and Murrays Pies!). Linda Hill...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 21/04/2017
Many thanks to the Institute for Retail Studies at University of Stirling University, project partners Perth and Kinross Council,...
BY MICONEX ON 20/04/2017
A short webinar which will explain how local Visa-based gift card programmes can lock in additional spend in for...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 24/03/2017
What can we really do to help businesses in the quieter months of January and February? Winter festivals certainly...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 20/02/2017
Several town-wide gift card programs in Scandinavia generate over £500k in gift card sales per annum so what is...
Gift Card
BY MICONEX ON 26/01/2017
Over the past few years Shopping Centres have started to realise that Gift Cards provide a perfect way to...
Gift Card