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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How easy is it to register a business to accept our gift card?
It takes a matter of minutes. We simply need to swipe the business’s card terminal and then we give you a short briefing document.
Q What functionality is included in the gift card e-commerce website?
The e-commerce website, an optional part of the programme, does 4 things. It enables a consumer to: find out about the gift card programme, check where the card is accepted, check the balance of an existing card and most importantly - purchase a card or cards!
Q How does the banking work for the programme?
The banking is very simple. The administrator sells the cards online and via any appointed resellers. They collect the money and then transfer it to the Mastercard client account which is set up for the programme. When a consumer comes to spend their card, the money is deducted from the Mastercard client account.
Q When do the gift cards expire i.e. how long are they valid for?
The cards can be set to expire between 6 months and 7 years. The industry average is 12 months and all our current programmes are set to 12 months.
Q How long does it take to get a programme up and running?
Once contracts are signed it takes 6-8 weeks to have a programme fully up and running.
Q How secure is the gift card programme?
Mastercard allows these programmes to be set up only because they are completely secure. There always needs to be more money in the client account than the value of live cards in circulation. This ensures that when a consumer goes to spend their gift card that they will always be able to.
Q How do the businesses receive their money?
In exactly the same way as they receive any other Mastercard card payment. This will vary from business to business depending on their merchant service agreement.
Q How much does it cost a business to accept the gift card?
There are no additional costs for a business to accept the gift card. The business will incur a transaction charge from their merchant service provider which will be the same as accepting a Mastercard debit card.
Q Can the gift cards be used online as well as over the counter?
Yes, the gift cards can be used online but only at registered businesses. In order to register an online store we would simply need to know their merchant ID.
Q Are there any additional costs for a consumer purchasing or redeeming a gift card?
There are no additional costs. If the consumer purchases a £50 card then they get £50 value.
Q How many gift cards will we sell?
It depends on a number of factors but there are multiple programmes in Scandinavia that now sell £6-7 of gift cards per head of population every year.