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Key Facts

  • Name of district – Shawlands, a residential district on the south side of Glasgow

  • Size of population – approx. 7000

  • Number of businesses accepting – 60-70

  • Independents and/or multiples – Currently independents, with plans to include multiples

  • When launched – 1st December 2018

  • How it’s managed – by the Shawlands BID

Gift Card website – https://shawlandsgiftcard.co.uk


About Shawlands

Shawlands is a bustling, cosmopolitan district on the south side of Glasgow. There’s a wide variety of independent and national shops, as well as many fashionable and popular restaurants, cafés, bars and music venues. It’s also home to Queen’s Park, one of Glasgow’s largest green spaces which in turn is home to sporting clubs and an iconic Victorian glasshouse. BID manager Lisa McLaughlin explains how the My Shawlands Gift Card programme came about.

What We Did

Why did Shawlands want a Gift Card programme?

“I first thought about it when one of the local businesses closed, unfortunately,” explains Lisa, “and I was contacted by people who had gift cards for it which they couldn’t spend. Then I attended a BID meeting where Colin Munro [from Miconex] gave a presentation, along with Deborah from Glasgow’s Visit West End Gift Card. So, having in my mind the difficulties that traditional gift cards can bring, I then looked at the idea of a Gift Card that would work for a large number of businesses in Shawlands. In addition, some of the businesses I talked to didn’t have their own gift cards – it was something they wanted to do but there were other priorities, or it was too expensive. Those factors made us start looking into the Miconex Gift Card.”

How did the Gift Card programme get started?

“It was easy to get started,” recalls Lisa. “It can be daunting at first as you don’t know exactly what’s involved, but it was all explained clearly and the [Miconex] guys who came to help us with each stage were very informative. If at any stage I needed to ask a question, it was very easy to send an email and Miconex sent me a link or any information I needed, there and then. They’re quick to respond to queries.”

Bringing in the businesses

How many businesses have signed up so far to the My Shawlands Gift Card? “There are between 60 and 70,” says Lisa. Some businesses who had previously been slow to engage with the BID have actually been contacting us because they want to be part of the Gift Card, which then opens the door for further consultation to get them involved in other aspects.

“At the moment it’s only independents that are signed up; however, our next step is to engage with the nationals and multiples, too. The charity shop Shelter accepts Gift Cards as well. They were really keen to sign up, and hopefully that will encourage more charity shops to come on board.

“The businesses are loving it, especially the ones that don’t have their own gift card, and they see lots of different possibilities for them to go forward with the card, e.g. promoting different offers or using the cards for prizes or incentives. I think people will be creative using the Gift Card, and we’re now at the stage where we’re encouraging businesses to promote it on their own [social media] pages.”

Marketing the My Shawlands Gift Card

How is the My Shawlands Gift Card being marketed? “We have had some videos created for the Gift Card, and we launched them on a ‘like and share’ competition, with a £50 Gift Card to be won. We also had a ‘reindeer hunt’ in Shawlands, where two winners each got a My Shawlands Gift Card. We’ve got banners up in the town centre and window stickers for all the businesses where you can spend the Card. On our Facebook page and our website, we’ve got images of different people, and we’re going to be taking an image next week with the local Bikram Yoga Studio, so we’re looking for a creative way for them to be in a pose with the Gift Card! We’re having some fun with it.”

The Outcome

The My Shawlands Gift Card was implemented in December 2018. What benefits will it bring to Shawlands as a district, and to the individual businesses? “I think it’s about locking in money for the local businesses, for the high street,” replies Lisa. “Local residents want to support the local businesses. Also, some of our online sales have shown the Gift Cards being bought outwith Glasgow, in places such as Airdrie, Dundee and even Ireland. That’s money that will be brought into Shawlands that wouldn’t necessarily have been spent there otherwise.

“Overall it gives us an opportunity to promote the local businesses, as it’s a really interesting thing to talk about and to promote.”

Any advice from Shawlands?

When Lisa is asked whether she would recommend a Miconex Gift Card programme to other BID/town managers, she answers: “Yes, absolutely; I don’t have any hesitations about it. I think it needs us to work on it over the next year to really let everyone know about it, but we haven’t come across anything negative at all.”


Interested in a Miconex Gift Card for your town or city?

If you’d like to increase customer footfall and engage more strongly with the businesses in your town, city, region or BID area, it’s easy to join our growing number of Gift Card programmes. Contact us online, email info@mi-cnx.com or phone 01738 444376 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the possibilities.

  • 1
    It’s the perfect present

    It’s a great present for friends and family - this is the obvious one! 

  • 2
    Customers #shoplocal

    It supports the local economy

  • 3
    You can reward your staff

    It can be used as an incentive or reward by local businesses and organisations

  • 4
    People can club together

    It makes a great wedding present
    or leaving gift

  • 5
    Customers discover new businesses

    15% of redemptions are at new businesses

  • 6
    There’s additional spend

    People that redeem gift cards on average spend 40% more than the value received

  • 7
    It’s flexible

    The card can be used in multiple business

  • 8
    It’s easy to implement

    It’s easy for businesses to get involved as the existing Mastercard network is used

  • 9
    A new revenue stream

    It provides a new revenue stream for the town/city via breakage

  • 10
    People can club together

    It makes a great wedding present or leaving gift

  • 11
    It’s a visitor pass

    It can be used as a visitor pass by offering discounted entry for attractions