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SMART Loyalty and Mastercard Gift Card Programmes for Towns and Cities

Miconex, founded in 2010, work with towns and cities across the UK to help support successful local economies.  In 2015 we developed the UK’s first city-wide gift card programme and have subsequently gone on to help towns and cities across the 4 countries of the United Kingdom to launch their own local currencies using the Mastercard network. The programmes are designed to lock in money for participating businesses, drive footfall and stimulate additional economic activity.

Miconex have also developed a completely new approach to town and city loyalty, removing all friction for participating businesses and consumers. Mi Rewards automatically rewards people for spending money in the local economy and at the same time helps towns/cities and participating businesses to better understand their customers and measure the impact of different cahnges on customer behaviour.

  • 1
    It’s the perfect present

    It’s a great present for friends and family - this is the obvious one! 

  • 2
    Customers #shoplocal

    It supports the local economy

  • 3
    You can reward your staff

    It can be used as an incentive or reward by local businesses and organisations

  • 4
    People can club together

    It makes a great wedding present
    or leaving gift

  • 5
    Customers discover new businesses

    15% of redemptions are at new businesses

  • 6
    There’s additional spend

    People that redeem gift cards on average spend 40% more than the value received

  • 7
    It’s flexible

    The card can be used in multiple business

  • 8
    It’s easy to implement

    It’s easy for businesses to get involved as the existing Mastercard network is used

  • 9
    A new revenue stream

    It provides a new revenue stream for the town/city via breakage

  • 10
    People can club together

    It makes a great wedding present or leaving gift

  • 11
    It’s a visitor pass

    It can be used as a visitor pass by offering discounted entry for attractions