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BY MICONEX ON 14/06/2017
Free, easy, relevant
Anyone involved in place management knows that one of the hardest thing to do is to get lots of local businesses to participate in any single project....
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BY MICONEX ON 09/05/2017
She’s the owner and mastermind behind the Perth success story that is Murrays Bakers (and Murrays Pies!). Linda Hill...
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BY MICONEX ON 21/04/2017
Many thanks to the Institute for Retail Studies at University of Stirling University, project partners Perth and Kinross Council,...
BY MICONEX ON 20/04/2017
A short webinar which will explain how local Visa-based gift card programmes can lock in additional spend in for...
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BY MICONEX ON 24/03/2017
What can we really do to help businesses in the quieter months of January and February? Winter festivals certainly...
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BY MICONEX ON 20/02/2017
Several town-wide gift card programs in Scandinavia generate over £500k in gift card sales per annum so what is...
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BY MICONEX ON 26/01/2017
Over the past few years Shopping Centres have started to realise that Gift Cards provide a perfect way to...
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